Research & Development

Aurbeta performs contract research and development efforts with focus areas of Satellite communication devices.We provide Research, Consulting and Design services in the area of the integration of complex electronic systems. The team is a unique composition of experienced engineering professionals, subject matter experts and research scholars, primarily from small product-oriented companies, who are well known for their expertise in developing creative and cost-effective solutions to mission critical defense communication applications. We are specialized in using state-of-the-art integration technologies like FPGAs, ASICs, or embedded processors. Designing complex electronic systems is our passion. Our design teams create industrial embedded systems including ASICs and FPGAs, Complex high-speed PCB design.

In these areas, we offer:

  • Satellite Ground Station Automation Products
  • Remote Control Applications design and development
  • Implementation and customization commercial projects
  • SOA / SCA Design
  • Product Porting
  • Platform Migrations and Product Upgrades


Our team has invested over 250,000 hours in building products for Satellite and defense communications technologies. Below is the short list of key portfolios of products:

  • Broadband Synthesized UP/DOWN converters
  • Ground Station Test Loop Translators
  • Digital/Analog Modem
  • Programmable Telemetry Tracking Receivers
  • Test Accessories


Our services spectrum includes:

  • Offer Remote Sensing solutions to provide high-performance and high accuracy end-to-end ground station solutions that are designed to match the scope of various projects
  • Offer Tracking and telemetry solutions and sub-systems for broad range of defense and applications
  • Operations and Maintenance Contract Services for Remote Sensing Satellite Ground-Stations
  • Remote Sensing Satellite Ground Station Sub-systems Repair and Servicing

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