Custom Application Development Services

Beyond Coding, debugging and implementation, Success of an IT-project depends on many components: proper requirements analysis, technical solution preparation, estimation and optimization of labor costs, suitable methodology selection, audit, and creation of the accompanying documentation.

Our expertise covers a wide range of technologies viz, NET 1.0-4.5, ASP.NET, MS SQL Server, SharePoint, Java, Oracle Database, HTML/DHTML/CSS, XML/XSLT, SQL, SOAP, AJAX, BizTalk etc.

Our Approach covers

  • Research and formalize essential processes into usage scenarios, diagrams and schemes.
  • Offer and describe technical solution options that meet all requirements.
  • Create models of desired solutions.
  • Estimate costs and timelines of implementation and suggest ways of optimization.
  • Carry out a thorough review and analysis of the source code, documentation, executable modules and change history using reverse engineering methods.
  • Conduct system audit and gap analysis.
  • Suggest and describe available options for re-solution of the discovered issues beside suggesting steps for improvement in accordance with the client's business direction.

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